Wine Paris 2019: a successful first, to be confirmed

Though fairly successful in terms of organisation, marketing and PR and attendance, with 26,700 visitors from February 11 to 13, 2019 according to the show's organisers, Wine Paris will still have to face the test of time. Paris was not built in a day, but for this show confirmation will be needed next year and in following years if it is to secure itself a respectable place in an increasingly crowded sector.


The 2,000 exhibitors welcomed 26,700 visitors over the three days of this first event, slightly more than at Vinisud in 2018 (25,500). Twenty-four producer countries were represented, with attendance by Spain and Italy particularly high. In terms of visitors, international footfall totalled 30%, mainly from the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

The good news is that according to the show’s organisers, 70% of exhibitors have already confirmed they will take part in the second exhibition, due to be held from 10 to 12 February 2020.


By Sylvain Patard