Below are the 100 best Crus Bourgeois from the 2014 vintage tasted by Gilbert & Gaillard’s editorial staff. They are listed by appellation in alphabetical order of the châteaux names to make it easier for you to find your favourite wine.




90-92 Château d'Arcins

Refined oak on the nose with lovely ripe fruit presence. Balanced, powerful palate with delicious, focused fresh fruit density, refined tannins and oak. A nicely made Haut-Médoc.


91-93 Château Barreyres

Refined toasted oak on the nose that does not conceal the jammy fruit. Upright, full-bodied palate with restrained power and upfront, proud fruit. Fine-grained tannins. Really successful.


90-92 Château Barthez

Focused nose of toasted oak with focused jammy notes. Robust palate with substantial tannin presence that does not obscure fruit expression. A wine that gets straight to the point.


88-90 Château Bel air

Vegetal-like nose with focused, jammy undertones. Assertive aromatic presence combined with freshness. Ripe tannins. Classic, showing potential.


90-92 Château Belle Grave du Poujeaux

Pleasant fruity nose with focused oak presence. Classic, persistent fruit and freshness with fine-grained tannins on the palate. Contains all the ingredients of a good year.


88-90 Château Bel Orme Tronquoy de Lalande

Racy nose of ripe red fruits. Savoury palate with refined oak and elegant tannins. Already reveals a great impression of fullness. Very successful.


87-89 Château de Braude

Fruit-driven nose veering towards ripe cherry. Beautiful substance on the palate with good quality, ripe tannins. A classic, predictable style.


86-88 Château Cambon La Pelouse

Very subtle fruity nose. Suppleness, freshness and fruit take a front seat on the palate. A fairly refined 2014 with a lovely fruity finish.


88-90 Château Clément Pichon

A mix of fruit and oak notes on the nose, shot through with freshness. The same character flows through to the palate with a precise aromatic identity combining fruit and oak. Effective in style.


86-88 Château Duthil

Pronounced ripe cherry and blackcurrant on the nose. Soft tannins on the palate, with freshness and the fruit recurring on the finish.


87-89 Château Liversan

Nose of ultra ripe red fruits with a candied note bordering on chocolate. Supple, ripe palate showing lovely freshness and the same character following through. A fairly lightweight framework for this early-drinking wine.


86-88 Château de Malleret

Overripe nose recalling cherry and prune. The palate nevertheless shows seductive mellowness and quality tannins as well as a robust framework. Successful.


88-90 Château Malescasse

Honest nose of ripe black fruits. Beautiful ripe, velvety tannins on the palate. The fruit is still a little shy but the quality of the framework points to a very beautifully made wine in the long run.


87-89 Château Moulin de Blanchon

Nose of ripe black fruits that stays very elegant. Dense, tannic palate that is slightly rustic but highly effective with pleasant balance. A seductive, no-frills style.


90-92 Château Meyre (Organic)

Very appealing, intense, pure red fruit on the nose. Velvety palate due to ripe, polished and lush tannins. Full-on fruit expression backed by freshness. Extremely successful.


87-89 Château Peyrabon

Ripe black fruit drives the nose. Lovely fabric on the palate with velvety tannins and invigorating fruit expression. Contains all the prerequisite ingredients of a fine wine.


88-90 Château Pontoise Cabarrus

Ripe nose reminiscent of cherry flesh. Dense palate with evident tannins and a degree of rustic character that stays within the confines of balance. An authentic style, all-set for cellaring.


87-89 Château Pomiès Agassac

Concentrated nose of black fruits. Good backbone on the palate which is concentrated yet polished and sappy with a welcome freshness on the finish.


89-91 Château Ramage La Bâtisse

Sterling quality fruit on the nose where red berry fruits are entwined with notes of roasted coffee and mocha stemming from the wood. Robust palate showing remarkable quality tannins retaining freshness and fruit expression. Probably a top-flight wine in years to come.


86-88 Château Rollin

Ripe cherry including bigarreau on the nose. Supple palate with polished tannins, oak presence and the fruit recurring on the finish. Effective yet not exceptional.




88-90 Château Cap Léon Veyrin

Fairly profound nose of red fruits. The palate displays velvety tannins with a clear contribution from the oak. Beautiful framework, very classically-styled.


87-89 Château Donissan

Ripe nose recalling stone fruits. Beautiful substance on the palate which shows lovely ripe tannins and freshness along with compelling aromatic definition.


87-89 Château Fonréaud

Fairly concentrated nose of black fruits. The palate displays quite refined, supple tannins. Lovely fresh finish with quality oak.


86-88 Château Liouner

Ripe nose of black fruits. Clean palate of red and black fruits with soft tannins. An easy-drinking, accessible style.


87-89 Château Lestage

Endearing nose of ripe cherry. The palate shows round tannins and fruit presence. Harmonious and expressive with a lovely affable disposition and freshness.


86-88 Château Saransot Dupré

Nose of ultra ripe cherry. The palate is dense yet firm with ripe, well-integrated tannins. The fiery finish should mellow shortly. A distinctive, well-crafted Listrac.




88-90 Château Bellevue de Tayac

Very enticing, fruity nose brimming with freshness. The palate shows substance and crunchy tannins with extremely uplifting fruit driving the whole. Nice!


86-88 Château Deyrem Valentin

Subdued fruity nose. Supple palate with soft tannins. An easy-drinking, accessible style. Why not?


87-89 Château Haut-Breton Larigaudière

Very fruity nose suggestive of ripe cherry. Delicious palate with clearly-etched tannins and beautiful, intense fruit expression. Already charming.


90-92 Château La Tour de Mons

Strongly oaked yet also very fresh nose with notes of fresh redcurrant. The palate is framed by silky tannins, freshness, fruit and very promising overall harmony.


87-89 Château Mongravey

Inviting, intense red fruit. The palate is fairly concentrated with fruit presence. Harmonious throughout. Should soften more.


86-88 Château Pontac-Lynch

Pronounced ripe blackcurrant on the nose with prune. Ripe, tannic palate with more of the same overripe fruit accents. Slightly unusual for this vintage.


88-90 Château Paveil de Luze

Concentrated nose of black fruits with fresh oak notes. Beautifully sappy palate where ripe tannins envelop focused, precise fruit. A beautiful wine that should gain even greater refinement.


86-88 ChâteauTayac-Plaisance

Nose of black fruits marked by oak and toast notes. Relatively mellow palate despite a tenser finish. Harmony still needs to be achieved.





89-91 Château Amour

Nose of delicate jammy fruits. Elegant, supple and fruity palate. A very compelling wine.


86-88 Château Les Anguilles

Jammy fruit drives the nose. The palate is supple, soft and a little austere with tannin presence. Boasts potential.


88-90 Château l’Argentière

Nose of jammy fruits without too much fullness. Upright, generous palate with mellow oak. Lovely sappy fruit.


87-89 Château Begadanet

Focused smoky oak on the nose backed by jammy fruits. The palate is fairly tightly-wound and tannic, it lacks suppleness but the fruit is focused. Still firm but boasting potential.


90-92 Château Blaignan

Lovely vegetal nose with appealing jammy fruit. Generous palate with polished substance and focused fruit. All-set for the future.


89-91 Château Le Bourdieu

The nose is halfway between vegetal and smoky oak aromas backed by jammy black fruits. Very supple, soft and delicate palate ranging from fruit to flowers with a tannin framework.


88-90 Château Le Bournac

Jammy nose with a hint of vanilla. Supple palate that leads into a vegetal note on the finish. Presence and good potential.


91-93 Château La Branne

Refined nose showing top-notch toasted oak with clean jammy notes. Delicious, supple and soft palate with refined oak and expressive fruit. Delectable.


87-89 Château de Brousteau

Simple vanilla oak on the nose with fruit in the background. Warm, tannic palate where fruit is balanced by freshness. Already drinking now.


90-92 Château Chantelys

Lovely jammy fruit on the nose. Fruit is predominant on the palate with savoury brandy aromatics enhanced by clean freshness. A handsome wine.


91-93 Château Chantemerle

Appealing toasted oak on the nose backed by jammy fruit. The palate shows volume and is chewy yet also sappy with predominant, focused fruit. Very charming.


91-93 Château La Clare

Attractive smoky oak on the nose with red and black fruit presence. Crunchy, easy-drinking palate with nicely balanced fruit and oak, dominated by the fruit. Very good.


90-92 Château Clément Saint Jean

Smoky vanilla on the nose with subtle fruit presence. Freshness makes for a charming, soft style. Fruit is enhanced by lovely oak. Poised for the future.


90-92 Château Clos du Moulin

Toasted oak on the nose underlaid with ripe fruit. Lovely robust palate with ripe tannins and focused fruit presence. An enjoyable wine for the future.


86-88 Château d'´Escurac

The nose is slightly muted with accents of ripe fruits. The palate is still a little tightly-wound. Fruit and body but also a substantial tannin framework. Potential for the future is tangible.


87-89 Château Fleur La Motte

Lovely jammy, oaked and vegetal nose. Ultra ripe fruit on the palate yet also docile, long-lasting freshness that imparts balance. Boasts potential.


90-92 Château La Gorce

Charred vanilla oak on the nose with clear fruit presence. Classic, balanced and sappy with predominant fruit, soft tannins and lovely oak influence. Hallmark Médoc character.


90-92 Château Grand Bertin de Saint Clair

Fruity vanilla nose. Young palate boasting undeniable potential. Clear fruit presence gripped by tannins. A successful offering.


91-93 Château Les Grands Chênes

The nose is still muted with predominant fruit and vanilla aromas. Well-structured, dense palate with fine-grained tannins. Well-integrated oak presence. A Médoc that has yet to fully reveal itself.


90-92 Château Les Granges de Civrac

Smoky nose with jammy undercurrents. Well-structured, robust palate with refined tannins and savoury fruit. Classic, well-made and boasting potential.


90-92 Château Lacombe Noaillac

Smoky vanilla oak on the nose with lovely jammy fruit in the background. Sappy, balanced, dense palate with focused oak and a youthful fruitiness. A successful wine.



88-90 Château Noaillac

Nose of ripe fruits with subtle underlying oak. Vanilla-infused attack on the palate with tannin presence combining with the fruit. A classic, generous Médoc.


90-92 Château Laulan Ducos

Vegetal oak on the nose with jammy undertones. More of the same on the palate with supple tannin presence. An all-round Médoc with potential.


89-91 Château Loudenne

Nose of fresh fruit with toast notes. Fruit takes a lead role on the palate with freshness, length and fine-grained tannins. An elegant, fruity style.


90-92 Château Les Ormes Sorbet

Nose of jammy fruits with subtle oak presence. Fruit takes command on the palate with freshness, length, generosity and soft tannins.


86-88 Château Les Tresquots

Subdued nose showing ripe black fruit presence. Supple, soft palate with delicious fruit. Easy-drinking and enjoyable.


90-92 Château Patache d’Aux

Subtle vanilla oak on the nose with ripe fruits in the background that stay focused. Well-structured palate with fine-grained tannins, freshness and intense fruit. Bound to mature well.


90-92 Château Pierre de Montignac

Refined vanilla oak on the nose backed by subtle jam. The palate attacks without letting go of the fruit. Power in no way undermines cohesion. A successful wine with potential.


89-91 Château Rolland de By

Intense vanilla-infused nose with fruit still subdued. The palate boasts a quality fabric and fullness with fruit making an appearance despite predominant oak. Modern and well-made.


90-92 Château Taffard de Blaignan

Lovely jammy nose layered over charred oak. Fullness, generous aromatics, oak presence, tannins and youthfulness on the palate. A Médoc with everything it takes to age well.


90-92 Château Tour Prignac

Focused smoky oak on the nose backed by ripe fruits. Very supple, sappy palate with a delicate tannin framework. Real allure.


90-92 Château Tour Seran

Refined nose of toasted vanilla oak backed by ripe fruits. Focused, crunchy palate with well-integrated, refined oak. A successful wine.


86-88 Château Tour Castillon 

Nose of overripe fruits. Fruity, upright and fresh palate already drinking very well. Classic and well-made.


90-92 Château Vernous

Lovely nose of vanilla oak with intense fruit. Generous, sappy palate boasting balance and fruit. A successful offering.


89-91 Vieux Château Landon

Toasted oak on the nose backed by jammy fruits. Supple, lively palate brimming with freshness and fruit. A very inviting wine.




87-89 Château Anthonic

Intense, fruity nose. Clearly-defined palate with tannins that are already integrated. Expressive finish combining fruit and oak. Seems straightforward but actually deftly crafted.


90-92 Château Biston-Brillette

Racy nose with precise fruit that becomes more intense after swirling. Judiciously sappy, fresh palate setting the wine in motion with beautiful persistency on the finish. A gold standard wine in this vintage.


86-88 Château Branas Grand Poujeaux

Subdued fruit with good quality, predominant oak. Clearly delineated, fairly mellow palate with ripe tannins. Effective but nothing to write home about.


86-88 Château Brillette

Nose of ripe blackcurrant. Very soft tannins on the palate with a pleasant fruity finish. An easy-drinking style, already relatively accessible and well-made.


86-88 Château Caroline

Lovely aromas are delivered on the nose intermixing black fruits and roasted coffee. Fairly mellow on the attack leading into a firmer mid-palate that marks an assertive personality.


88-90 Château Chemin Royal

Honest nose driven by fresh red fruits. Top quality tannins on the palate with fruit presence on top of remarkable harmony. A lovely wine.


87-89 Château Gressier Grands Poujeaux

Subtle black fruit on the nose. The palate is dense and tightly-wound although the tannins are framed by freshness and fruit resurfaces on the finish. Nicely crafted.


86-88 Château La Garriq

Nose of ultra ripe blackcurrant. Oaked palate that is fairly refined with perceptible fruit in the background. Needs to integrate the oak.


87-89 Château Lalaudey

Subdued fruity nose. Tightly-wound palate with substance and tight-knit tannins. A classic style, slightly on the rustic side.


87-89 Château La Mouline

Fruity nose bordering on tropical with ripe red fruits. Delicious palate, clearly focusing on fruit expression although the structure is good.


86-88 Château Moulin à Vent

Soft fruit on the nose. Fullness and expression on the palate with polished tannins. A beautiful, very classically-styled wine.


88-90 Château Myon de l’Enclos

Dense, focused nose showing blackcurrant. Tightly-wound palate with quite refined tannins, good overall harmony and a clean fruity finish. Promising.


90-92 Château Pomeys

Beautiful quality fruit on the nose with elegant, supporting oak. The palate reveals a voluptuous mouthfeel and racy, well-integrated oak with intense fruit on the finish. A real gem in this appellation for 2014.




88-90 Château Fonbadet

Floral nose with mild spice notes of oak. The palate offers up substantial substance with ripe tannins. Robust, distinctive and promising.


86-88 Château La Fleur Peyrabon

Endearing fresh, floral and fruity nose. The palate is tannic, tense and delivers more of the same pleasant fruit aromas.


86-88 Château Plantey

Enticing, fresh, fruit-driven nose. Charming palate with uplifting fruit. An easy-drinking, enjoyable style.


90-92 Château Tour Sieujean

Nose of fresh currants. The palate boasts very good structure with fine-grained tannins and extremely expressive fruit. Excellent.




86-88 Château Clauzet

The nose displays aromas of ripe fruit and toast that are already open. The tannins are velvety and harmony between the fruit and the oak is extremely successful.


86-88 Château de Côme

Elegant freshness and ripe red berry fruits on the nose. Round tannins with long-lasting fruit on the palate leaving a very enjoyable sensation of sweetness.


87-89 Château Tour des Termes

Aromas of ripe, jammy fruits nicely encompassed by well-integrated oak. The framework is slightly austere on the palate. A wine with promise.

86-88 Château Le Boscq

Jammy nose with slightly overripe aromas and well-integrated oak. The mid-palate lacks substance and the tannins are still a little drying. Slight lack of definition but should mature.


88-90 Château la Commanderie

Densely-coloured. The nose is elegant and fruity despite a trace of vegetal aroma. Beautiful mouth-coating substance on the palate. Pleasant toast aromas from the oak. The tannins still need to mellow but wonderful potential.


86-88 Château Coutelin Merville

Refined nose leaving room for fruit despite a trace of vegetal aroma. The palate is full although the tannins are slightly prominent. Holds promise for the future.


90-92 Château le Crock

Densely-coloured. The nose reveals lovely alternate fruit and oak aromas. Powerful, perhaps slightly heady palate yet nevertheless very successful overall balance. Forcefulness and elegance.


89-91 Château la Haye

Dark hue. Vegetal note on the nose but on the whole, fruit and above all, lots of elegance. Impeccably balanced tannins and fruit.


90-92 Château Lilian Ladouys

Struggles to open up on the nose but is extremely pleasant on the palate with lovely, mouth-coating fruit and beautiful length driven by upfront, yet velvety tannins. Highly successful.



86-88 Château Petit Bocq

Oak influence is brutal and truly affects the fruit which is literally crushed by oak aroma and tannins. Pity. Leave in peace for a year or two!


90-92 Château Saint Pierre de Corbian

Very dark, almost opaque colour. The wine is still under oak influence but compelling, ripe black fruit perfumes are perceptible. Round palate with mouth-coating and voluptuous substance. Extremely successful balance between structure and flavour. Excellent.


88-90 Château Tour de Pez

Beautiful framework formed by oak aroma and tannins and fruit which has been picked fully ripe and is flavoursome on the palate. The tannins are extremely supple and make the wine already accessible.


88-90 Château Tour Saint Fort

Elegant nose with successfully balanced fruit and oak aromas. The palate echoes the nose with delicate and delightfully mellow tannins. Very successful.



86-88 Château Vieux Coutelin

Very dark, saturated colour. The nose is slightly muted. Delicious, round substance on the palate. Tannins are still a little prominent.