The Camion de Léon, Alsace’s first wine truck

Based in Dambach-la-Ville since the 18th century, Domaine Hauller is now in the hands of the family’s eighth generation, represented by Ludovic and Guillaume Hauller. Together, they came up with the idea of converting a 1950s vintage truck into a real travelling wine bar.


The truck is above all a tribute to Léon Hauller, the family’s fifth-generation Master Cooper, who used it for his deliveries, but the younger generation also has a weak spot for this unique vehicle that gets heads turning in the street.


After being modernised, the Wine Truck's mission is to cover all types of events in the region, including private functions and industry events (seminars, open days, sales meetings, product presentations, exhibitions, showrooms, etc...). Léon's Truck is compact and suitable for all circumstances – all it needs is connection to a power supply and a 5 x 3 metre space. Because it is smaller than most stands, it is practical, mobile and easy to set up.

Its unusual design makes people take notice, it arouses their curiosity and energises and adds character to events with its retro look combined with a modern concept.


One of its recent fixtures was the Colmar Wine Fair from July 27 to August 5.


By Sylvain Patard



Légende photo: Guillaume and Ludovic Hauller, proud of their tribute to Léon, their great-grandfather