Sienna Miller : “A relationship with wine can only be based on love”

The beautiful English actress talks about her career, her life and her love affair with wine, all above board of course!


You play a cordon bleu chef in ‘Burnt’ alongside Bradley Cooper. In real life, do you like standing over a stove, at Christmas for example?


Yes I do! I always cook turkey. It takes a long time to cook and needs a lot of water if you don’t want it be too dry. If I have to, I’ll spend the whole night in front of the oven. I also cook a ham joint for those who are not too fond of poultry. I like to serve everything with salmon and creme fraiche toasted bagels. Not forgetting the Brussels sprouts! Cooking is really my thing. I’ve got photos of myself as a child, wearing pyjamas, sitting on my father’s lap, stirring something – I’m not sure what – in a saucepan on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition I’m looking forward to sharing with my daughter, Marlowe, who’s 3.


What type of drinks do you intend to serve with your meals?


I don’t really like mixing drinks. If I start with red wine, I finish with red wine. Same for sparkling wines. If I start with Champagne, I drink it all the way through to dessert.


You said one day, after various failed relationships, that the most serious and long-lasting relationship you had was with wine…


Yes, it’s true! For ten years, wine was a faithful friend to me – though I always drank sensibly. I can’t explain why. It’s got nothing to do with the alcohol content or any type of addiction. It’s just that I always loved seeing beautiful crystal glasses on a table filled with a drink that can constantly change colour. I like to swirl the glass, watch wine dance in the bottom and see the subtle interplay of light. I don’t know, it hypnotises me…


Why do you think more and more women enjoy wine?


For years, people treated us like complete dummies when it came to wine. But we’ve got a palate and taste buds just like men. So I don’t see why we wouldn’t be capable of enjoying a good wine and talking about it in company. In fact, I think women are better at talking about wine than men. It’s like love, the words just come to us easier! And a relationship with wine can only be based on love. When you drink a good wine, it immediately fills you with a feeling of bonding.


How do you manage to stay so sexy?


It’s very simple – four hours putting on make-up, a good night’s sleep and a small glass of wine. You can’t beat tannin!


How much do you think you spend every month on clothes and wine?


It has often been said that I spend a fortune on clothes when, actually, I buy a lot at cheap second-hand stores or in vintage clothing boutiques. But that takes time which is something I’ve got less and less of. I’m even going to make a confession – there was a time in my life when I used to love spending my money on prestigious vintage wines rather than on ‘rags’!


Interview by Frank Rousseau