Sharon Stone: ''To enjoy good wine, the setting has to be beauti

Sharon Stone:“To enjoy good wine, the setting has to be beautiful”

 At 55, the former leading lady in the raunchy ‘Basic Instinct’ is as stunning as ever. She shared with us some delightful insight into her passion for wine and what it means to her.

 What does the word wine conjure up for you?
Part of my childhood! I grew up in a backwater town in Pennsylvania where the only form of entertainment was watching the cows go by or going to a place called wine valley with your parents. The region is sublime especially during the autumn when nature dons myriad colours. It’s like a living picture! For me, wine is the nectar of the Gods. It took me a while to educate my palate, to be able to tell the difference between a promising wine and a run-of-the-mill one.

How do you choose your wines? Do you listen to advice or your own instinct?
I always listen carefully to advice I’m given on wines, especially when it comes from people who have worked with them for a long time. In France, I got the chance to go to several wine estates. I have never become blasé, and do you know why? Because every time, you can feel how passionate wine growers are and, what do you know, I love passionate people! (laughs). I especially love their devotion and the stories, the anecdotes, the little secrets surrounding wine. I remember an evening spent in Provence overlooking sun-basked vineyards. The family that owned them were extremely loquacious about their wines. They would refer to them in the same way you would pamper a child, making it the constant centre of attention. In the evening there were wine tastings in the cool vaulted cellars housing hundreds of casks. We all spoke softly, just like in the nave of a church, as a sign of respect. It was as if we were treating wine’s long sleep with great reverence and were afraid of waking it whilst it was slowly maturing. It also seemed like time was standing still and the last thing we should do was hurry.

Apparently women are becoming better wine connoisseurs than men. Do you agree?
I don’t know if we are better connoisseurs  but I do know that when I used to go to restaurants, the sommelier would automatically pour wine into the man’s glass and ask him what he thought of it. Things have changed. Women are increasingly involved in tasting and choosing wines, and that’s how it should be because they are not novices any more. I have girlfriends who could talk to you about certain wines for hours. There are also a lot more women sommeliers, some of whom are extremely pretty. And believe me, men always fall for that! Especially when their lipstick is the same colour as Bordeaux!

You said one day that the secret to your beauty was a glass of good wine every day. Isn’t that a bit of a cliché?
But it’s the truth! What matters though is who you drink it with and where you drink it. To enjoy good wine, the setting has to be beautiful.