Prowein 2018: The undisputed leader of wine fairs

Having walked the aisles of everything the world can offer in terms of wine shows, from Vinovision Paris, Angers (Salon des Vins de Loire) Millésime Bio, Vinisud and even Chengdu – from which we have just returned – we can confirm that Prowein remains in a league of its own.


With 6,870 exhibitors from 64 countries and 30,000 trade visitors announced, it is indeed the most efficient exhibition from a business perspective - which is the most important aspect - but also in terms of quality of organisation, location, services... The two words on every exhibitor’s lips are density and quality. Density because the flow of visitors virtually never stops: in addition to the scheduled appointments that take up a good part of the time, visitors constantly throng in the aisles, hopping from stand to stand in search of the discovery of the year. Such is the density that the duration of the show seems quite short and the organisers are contemplating adding a fourth day.

Then quality because industry members engage with each other and even though contacts do not systematically lead to contracts or commitments, they always allows both sides to learn and to consolidate their beliefs, or progress along the same lines as their industry counterparts.

For European and even global buyers, this is a unique opportunity to shop in the aisles of the Düsseldorf show, with attendance by all the major producer countries such as Italy (1,700 exhibitors), France (1,550), Germany (990), Spain (612) and Portugal (363) as well as a large number of producers from the New World (700 exhibitors), in particular from the United States, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand...


Prowein has set the bar very high and will be very difficult to rival. 2019 will provide another opportunity to see whether it confirms, or disproves the theory.


Written by Sylvain Partard