Past and future behind Ferrari bubbles and Tenute Lunelli wines

Giulio Ferrari has to be considered the person who introduced Chardonnay vines in Italy late XIX century, agronomist of San Michele all’Adige Research Institute belonging to Austria at that time, he visited several wine regions and studied in Montpellier and Geisenheim universities. He founded Ferrari Spumante in 1902 producing the first classic method bottles in Trentino, in a winery very close to Trento city center. Already in 1906 the first international award, a Gold Medal at Expo Milano for Ferrari Spumante, celebrated this year in occasion of 2015 Expo Milano with Ferrari Brut “Orgoglio Italia” and a limited edition of 2015 bottles of Riserva 2006 “Orgoglio Italia” for important personalities welcomed officially at Italy Pavilion.


In 1952 “nonno” Bruno Lunelli, proud owner of an important wine shop in Trento, purchased a tiny but pioneer winery in the center of Trento city, his sons Franco and Gino focused in management while Mauro leaded the winemaking. Today, the 3rd generation of Lunelli family, cousins Matteo, Marcello, Camilla and Alessandro ensure not only the excellence of Ferrari Spumante but also the outstanding quality of organic still wines from Trentino (Tenuta Margon), Tuscany (Tenuta Podernovo) and Umbria (Tenuta Castelbuono). The Lunelli group also includes Surgiva mineral water, Segnana grappa trentina and a partnership with Bisol Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.


Ferrari Fratelli Lunelli inherited the focus in quality and excellence from Giulio Ferrari and since many years they collaborate with the best of Italy in many domains: sports, arts, clothes and food. Lunelli family is involved in many projects around the world, Camilla Lunelli representing the most social project and leading communication, Matteo as president of Cantine Lunelli participates in many institutional events, Alessandro is responsible of wineries in Tuscany and Umbria but also follows a precision viticulture project with Padova university and Marcello Lunelli leading the winemaking area and more technical projects. Marcello stablished an organic and sustainable viticulture protocol “Vigneto Ferrari” for grape growers recently presented at ExpoMilano, also implanting Top Bar beehives close to vineyard to promote biodiversity.


Visiting Villa Margon (1339) was a unique experience, a hided treasure between the mountain surrounded by its 140ha of forest that protected it from Napoleon troupes and the artistic patrimony of perfectly preserve paintings.

Underground in the cellar, we could see some ancient winemaking tools very rare:

- a metallic “comb” to hit softly the bottles of sparkling wine before startling the “remuage” to separate the sediment (yeast residue) from the glass. No co-adjuvants were added at that time at the “tirage” step!

-a silver made dosing machine for sparkling wines, and idea of Giulio Ferrari to avoid the oxidation of iron on common metallic tools.


Another anecdote to conclude, for those who ask themselves whether Ferrari name has any relation with F1 factory based in Maranello (Emilia-Romagna), the reality is that founder Enzo Ferrari after tasting Ferrari Spumanti from Trento, decided to come visit the winery and it loved it so much that he used to spread the rumor that he was related with Ferrari Spumanti, what a great joint venture of Italian excellence!


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