The legendary Gosset… Champagne’s oldest wine house

For four centuries, the Gosset tradition has been shaped by artisanal expertise and family heritage.



In 1584, Aÿ alderman and wine grower Pierre Gosset was producing still wines, often red, with grapes from his own vineyards. At that time, two wines vied for a place on the table of the Kings of France: the wines of Aÿ and, several hundred leagues farther South, those of Beaune. Both were made from the same noble grape varieties: Pinot noir and Chardonnay. In the 18th century, the wines from Aÿ and the region became sparkling.


Even today, the wines are presented in antique-style bottles, exact replicas of those used by Champagne Gosset since the 18th century. Malolactic fermentation is carefully avoided so as to preserve the malic acid that will reproduce the natural fruit aromas in the wines.


Gosset blends combine the finest Marne growths – Great and First Growths – with an average classification of 95% on the official growth scale.


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