Meryl Streep:"When I drink Sancerre, I get a glimpse of paradise!"

Hollywood’s most award-winning actress tells us, with a large dose of wit, how she learned to enjoy wine more during the filming of "Julie and Julia". We lapped up her every word...


I learned a lot about wine during the shooting of "Julie and Julia" by Nora Ephron. For example, that young wines should always be carefully decanted. A French sommelier explained to me that the aim of this is to air the wine. Leaving the wine to rest for a while is a very important step.

Since I was taught this, I have invested in several types of decanters, some more elaborate than others. The most important thing I was told is to choose ones with very flat bottoms so that the wine can be aerated as much as possible! What else did I learn in France? Oh yes, there's also a saying in your country that the best way to keep your husband faithful is to cook good food and serve him a good wine every day. The real Julia Child, who was our beloved chef in the United States, used to say: "People who don't like to eat are the most boring people".

For my part, I've always loved epicureans, people who know how to honour a good meal, but it shouldn't be turned into a food orgy either. In my opinion, the people who eat junk food are no better than those with ‘frigid’ stomachs or sclerosis of the taste buds! What's important is the decorum. A slice of foie gras served on a cardboard plate will always be less appealing than if it is placed on a finely crafted porcelain plate. The same goes for Champagne. Pouring it into a plastic cup will definitely kill the romantic effect!

I'll tell you what makes me levitate and that’s tarragon chicken served with a side salad and accompanied by a good glass of Sancerre. When I drink Sancerre, I get a glimpse of paradise! But my brother's a much better connoisseur than I am. He only has to shove his nose into a glass of wine to tell you which side of the vineyard the grapes were grown on! (laughs). I'm more someone who likes to get it right. So I often choose the same wines - Cabernets. People who have an experienced palate tell me it's a bit "basic", but I don't care. I really enjoy drinking it.


Written by Frank Rousseau