Kyra Sedgwick: “Kevin Bacon taught me everything I know”

For seven years, she played Brenda Leigh Johnson, deputy chief of the Los Angeles police department in The Closer. Married to Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Apollo 13…) in real life, Kyra Sedgwick discovered the virtues of wine through her famous other half…


The first time I met the person who would later become my husband, I was twelve. I had seen Kevin act in a play. I then saw him again soon after in a grocery store. When I reminded him of the story, he told me he didn’t remember it! And with good reason because there were loads of girls trying to get closer to him!

Our paths crossed again during a project we shared. I was a young woman and to be quite honest, I wasn’t really attracted to him. I found him arrogant, and above all, too thin! We were in Cambridge and one evening, he invited me out to dinner. I discovered that despite appearances, he liked the good things in life. I remember he tried to impress me by ordering the most expensive Champagne. Kevin introduced me to wine and taught me how much the wrong choice of wine can spoil a meal. Conversely, if the wine is good, you can be sure that your guests will only want one thing. Firstly: know where you found it. Secondly: find out whether you have a scheme to get it cheaper. Thirdly: they’ll want you to serve it again!


Written by Frank Rousseau