Julianne Moore: “I love Sauvignon”.

The first time the public saw this jovial redhead burst onto the scene was in the hugely popular “Nine Months”. Since then, Ms Moore has proved that she is as versatile as she is surprising. We met this licensed epicurean...


The first time I was really able to enjoy wine was when I was 20. I was invited to a party. The master of the house was a living encyclopaedia on wine. I think that even by looking through a bottle with the label hidden, he could have told you what wine and maybe even what year it was. It was impressive. That night, I also learned that it wasn’t a good idea to mix drinks! Since then, I have taken every opportunity to savour good wines - I don't wait until Sunday to indulge my love of wine.

At home of an evening, my husband and I like to sip a cool, simple rosé in the summer and more “fleshy”, mouth-filling wines at other times of year. Some wines I find really enjoyable on the palate, like Sauvignon, but I keep an open mind. I love discovering new flavours! They provide the opportunity to start up a conversation, to travel to other countries and wine regions.

For an actress, the desire to explore and to seek out the unknown is quite normal. If in my profession you don’t feel the urge to live through different experiences, to open up or change your routine, you need to change jobs! Having said that, I don't think that only applies to my job!


Written by Frank Rousseau