Jennifer Lopez : “Wine is more of an evening drink, with dinner”


With her trademark mascara-rimmed eyes, her amazingly generous curves, the cutest peaches and cream complexion and her passionately sensual lips delivering her dry wit, Jennifer Lopez, the Latin diva, is back! And she’s back with some very sexy news. In fact, even the way she talks about wine is sexy !




You’re about to feature in the Taylor Hackford film ‘Parker’ where you star opposite Jason Statham who plays a professional burglar who’s been double-crossed and wants revenge. Have you ever considered seeking revenge?

Yes! More than once ! I have never gone through with it though. I think there is divine justice, somebody up there who can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad. Admittedly, the consequences are not always immediate but I am convinced that punishment is always meted out in the end. It’s just a matter of time !


Have you ever stolen anything in real life? Wine maybe?

I have stolen a few men’s hearts but I don’t think that’s a crime ! Certainly not wine. But I can understand how you could, considering the price tags on some wines. I remember an auctioneer who auctioned several lots of great growths. If my memory serves me right, cases of Bordeaux fetched 100,000 dollars. I wonder if the people who buy these wines actually drink them. In my opinion, they are more interested in their collectability.


What is the most you’ve ever paid for a good bottle of wine?

That’s a tricky one but I do remember buying huge amounts of Lambrusco and Lacrima Christi which I drank in a restaurant in Rome and loved !


Didn’t you star in a film called ‘Blood and Wine’?

Yes, it was a Bob Rafelson film I starred in, in 1995 I think ! Jack Nicholson played Alex Gates, a wine merchant based in Miami. So we got to drink some incredible wines. Jack is actually a connoisseur in real life. He can talk about wines for hours on end and, as you know, listening to people talk for hours makes you thirsty !


How often do you drink wine?

Wine is more of an evening drink for me, with dinner. In winter, I drink it beside the fireplace. In summer, I like to lie on a sun lounger on my patio watching my children laugh, run around and live whilst I sip at this ‘nectar of the gods’ !


So wine makes you happy…

Oh yes ! Just like wearing Versace or Marc Jacobs.


How do you react to the American media describing you as the ‘Latin bombshell’?

What does ‘Latin bombshell’ mean? It’s a pleonasm: all Latin women are bombshells! Labels are misleading. Just look at ‘Californian Champagne’. Champagne is French. You could perhaps be served a Champagne-method sparkling wine from California but certainly not call it Champagne.


Jennifer Lopez was interviewed by Frank Rousseau, our correspondent in Los Angeles.