Gilbert & Gaillard in China: A promising new wine region

Gilbert & Gaillard in China: A promising new wine region

Gilbert & Gaillard’s international tasting panel continues to grow. The panel’s judges have just returned from a tour of the Chinese wine regions of Ningxia and Shandong where they witnessed first-hand the superior quality of some of the wines made by Chinese producers.


Gilbert & Gaillard in China: Numerous small wineries

China is not particularly a source of mass-produced wines and we saw how the country is capable of producing large numbers of boutique-scale wineries with vineyards ranging from 15 to 50 hectares. The quality, expertise and management of the local terroir is in some cases remarkable.


Gilbert & Gaillard in China: Wines of a Western standard

Large-scale enterprises with colossal production capacity are also capable of maintaining extremely high standards. Chinese producers proved to us during our trip that they have the ability to produce top-class wines that can easily compete with Western wines, irrespective of whether they come from America, South Africa or France.


Read the full report on Gilbert & Gaillard’s tour of China in the winter issue of our international magazine, due out on December 10, 2014.