Gal Gadot: “I love rosé!”

Forty years after the television series that projected Linda Carter into stardom, Israeli actress Gal Gadot proved that as ‘Wonder Woman’, you can act and spin a lasso at the same time. But what really makes this former model’s head spin… is rosé!


I think ‘Wonder Woman’ is an important film for women, but also for men. Admittedly, it’s important that as women we are not treated like objects or perform a purely sexual role. It is essential that, in the same way as men, we have an icon to represent us. But at the same time, we don’t want females to be likened to males. Women need to hang on to their sensitivity and practical common sense! We need women who educate men, not to be in conflict with them. Let me give you a funny example. You see, I love rosé, whereas my husband loves Bordeaux. When we dine together, it would not occur to my partner to tell me that Bordeaux is a noble wine and rosé a kind of ‘lesser wine’ which only tickles the taste buds of women! If he did, I know what I would retort – I recently read that rosé was invented way before white and red wine!


Written by Frank Rousseau