Frances Mac Dormand: In a league of her own, even when it comes to wine!

The American actress won the Oscar for best actress in 1997 for her role in Fargo. In her opinion, there can be no perfect day without good wine on the table…


I am fortunate to do a job that allows me to get invited to the finest restaurants. That is an incredible luxury! And I am fully aware of it. Every time I go to a good restaurant, I am offered the finest wines. People explain to me where the wine comes from, who made them, and how the grapes were grown and picked. I love all that because I have always liked knowing the whys and the wherefores. When you are a knowledgeable consumer, that’s the least you can do.


It’s crazy when I think about it. When I started out, I tended to drink any old wine. It was the kind of terrible plonk you wouldn’t even serve to your worst enemies! Saying that, there are still companies out there marketing them. It is absolute heresy. Millions of people discover the world of wine by drinking dubious vino. Actually, I’m sure that a lot of them don’t even know what a good wine is. In fact, there are probably people who have been so disgusted by it that they prefer to stick with water! (laughs)


In all honesty, I think it is better to drink small amounts of quality wine on an occasional basis rather than that everyday ‘shit’ that some people are brazen enough to call wine.


Written by Frank Rousseau