Filming A Year Languedoc's vineyards

Filming a year languedoc's vineyards
Californian wine writer and filmmaker Ken Payton has been spending time in the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon this year, filming a documentary about the fortunes of twelve winemakers. Entitled Les Terroiristes du Languedoc, his feature-length film follows the growers' progress through the year, culminating in the 2012 harvest. Payton's previous documentary, Mother Vine, filmed in 2010 in the vineyards of Portugal, won two prizes at this year's Oenovideo Awards. Says Payton: “I'm taking a focused look at the extraordinary changes that have swept through the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon in recent years. This film puts the spotlight on the enormous diversity and potential of this region's terroirs, and its pioneering wine producers.” It will be premiered in France and shown at film festivals in the USA and Europe in 2013. 

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