Ferrari winery leads Winegraft: a revolution on worldwide viticulture

Winegraft: a new generation rootstocks to face Climate change

Since phylloxera crisis, European vines need to be grafted on resistant American rootstocks. When planting a new vineyard, selecting the most suitable rootstock is a critical step. Many parameters are taken into account: soil type (limestone, depth), climate (drought resistance), grape variety growth cycle, vigour control, vine pests. There is a need for new rootstocks better adapted to our days.


Winegraft: a joint-venture between university and Italian leading wineries.

The starting point was the research on genetic improvement carried out by Attilio Scienza, viticulture expert and professor at Milano University on the 80s. To support this important project with funding, some of the main Italian wineries have come together and created the Winegraft society: Ferrari, Banfi, Zonin, Armani Albino, Cantina Due Palme, Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo, Bertani Domains, Nettuno Castellare, Cantina Sette Soli. Also part of the society: Fondazione Venezia and Bioverde Trentino, viticulture products company.


Winegraft: Marcello Lunelli, president, explains how it is organized

The royalties of the new rootstocks ready to be commercialized will be managed through IpadLab, a spin-off from Milano University, specialized on plants analysis and certification. The industrial scale-up, material multiplication and worldwide sales will be achieved by Vivai Cooperativi di Rauscedo, a grapevine nursery leader. Sales benefits will allow the research on genetic improvement to go on and develop even more adapted and universal rootstocks.


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