Domaine de l'Olivette, quite simply archetypal Bandol

The Dumoutier family has been nurturing its love for vines at Domaine de l’Olivette for four generations. Stretching over 55 hectares, the estate has enjoyed clay-limestone soils and the privileged location of Bandol for 250 years.


Imagine a natural amphitheatre between land and sea, basking in year-round sunshine and stretching from the Sainte-Baume chain of mountains to the shores of the Mediterranean. This outstanding location has been shaped, stone by stone, by generations of wine growers who built the famous ‘restanques’ or dry-stone wall terraces.



The first vineyards were planted in the 6th century BC in the area surrounding the village of Le Castellet. Over the centuries, the reputation of Bandol wines developed, so much so that the wines were even served at the table of Louis XV. The appellation boasts 1,600 hectares of vines and approximately fifty wine growers mature unique wines on a boutique scale (35 hl/ha). The expertise required to grow the Mourvèdre grape variety invites those who are acquainted with it to share in the emotion delivered by these characterful wines. 


Down the years, the Dumoutier family has successfully preserved the typicity of its wines. Jean-Luc Dumoutier uses responsible farming methods, with no pesticides or organic fertilisers. Low yields (36 hl/ha) allow the wine to fully develop and retain its aromas and rich flavours. Concurrently with this, the estate has modernised its facilities to bring out even finer and more authentic sense of place. Temperature control equipment sits alongside oak tuns. Computerised data throughout the production process takes over from human expertise. From this judicious combination of history, terroir, passion, tradition and modernity stems the balance of these unique wines that deserve to be discovered without further ado!


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