Dakota Johnson: "To loosen up the atmosphere, open a bottle of Chablis or Merlot!”

The star of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ saga is not only sexy on screen. She is just as attractive in real life, especially when she tells us about her sensual relationship with wine!


People often ask me where I like to stay the most in the world. I answer without the slightest hesitation: Paris!!!! During the shooting of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, we went there with the production team. It was magical! I felt like I was in an old movie. All that was missing were singers and dancers moving around me in the rain! It had been a long-time dream of mine to shoot there. We were able to play some scenes at the Opera. What was even crazier was that the opera house was privatised just for us! It's a moment I'll never forget.

When two scenes had been wrapped up, we would go to a restaurant. It wasn't a luxury Parisian hotel. The place was small and didn't look like much from the outside. But it was very friendly. I remember we were served wine in a jug! At first, I was a little sceptical. I said to myself, "My God, this must be gut-rot or some disgusting mixture. I have to say that my lips were not keen to try it. Until I discovered that the wine I had just been served was excellent. You know, in the United States we are still very label-driven. We tell ourselves that if it says ‘Château Thingamabob’ on it, it is bound to be good! It wasn’t until I came to France that I understood that you can’t judge a book by its cover!


When I drink a super growth, I like to go the whole hog, with a beautiful dress, high heels, lipstick, good music, a crackling fireplace and a warm or tad raspy voice that helps you create a ‘vamp-fatale’ atmosphere. But what really helps - I think - to loosen up the atmosphere is to open a bottle of Chablis or Merlot or whatever. It titillates your taste buds and makes you feel lighter. You don't have to spend a fortune, for that matter. I can’t remember who said: "The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, it’s the one you share!”


By Frank Rousseau