Cabernet-Sauvignon, Alsace, Provence: Jennifer Lawrence's 3 little guilty pleasures!

Hollywood's most bankable star is an epicurean who takes care of herself and knows her stuff. The star of “Red Sparrow”, Jennifer Lawrence talks about another type of red, the one she likes to drink with friends...


It's a fact that when you love life, you love good food and especially good wine. Personally, I love red wine. Nothing beats a glass of Cabernet-Sauvignon when you want to treat your taste buds and especially give your morale a boost! (laughs). That's the power of wine. It makes you happy and gives you almost immediate gratification. I don’t like to take too many chances with wine! When I've chosen one, I usually stay pretty loyal to it. For red, that means Cabernet-Sauvignon. The white usually comes from Alsace or South Africa. For rosé, as soon as I'm in Cannes, I like to chill with a glass of Miraval! (Ed. The rosé made on the estate of former couple Brad - Angelina).


By Frank rousseau