Bryan Cranston: A ‘mature’ actor

 In less than twenty years, this sexy 60-year-old has proven that no role was too daunting for him. To say that this chameleon actor has potential (see Breaking Bad and Trumbo, where he plays two diametrically opposed characters) is a euphemism. As to where he gets all his energy from - it comes mainly from the great wines he enjoys!


I started earning a decent living as an actor when I was 24! I was 40 years old when I started to be successful, with ‘Malcom in the Middle’. By then, you have already reached the age of reason! I think it's primarily a question of education, not ego. Then I went on to star in the Breaking Bad. The rest is history. If I'd been a surfer, I would have said that the series was the wave I had been waiting for – one that carried me very high and very far! So, yeah, I made some money. A lot of money. Does it bother me? No! The guy who tells you that he's not just a tad materialistic must have been born in another solar system! (laughs).

Earning money means that I can afford some freedom. I can choose my films, projects, etc. Nevertheless, my materialistic side sometimes surfaces, especially when I'm in a wine shop. The number of times I have dreamed of going down at night and carrying off the best wines! Just like that! Quick as a flash!

I own a cellar at home. OK, it doesn't have the charm of some French estates and it's not as well-stocked either. But that is more than enough for my own personal consumption! When I like a wine, I usually order several cases at a time, you should never do things by half measures! My real pleasure - before hearing the sound of the bottle being uncorked - is placing my... liquid investment in my cellar! I have not yet reached the stage where I talk to my bottles, but they are definitely talking to me. They say, "When are you coming to savour us?" (laughs)


Written by Frank Rousseau