Alba-Piedmont: New Vintages Of Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero



Approaching the new vintage of Barolo, it’s clear that the wines coming from the same village are basically homogeneous while they are very different comparing each village. For example we will find a very fruity and fresh (well balanced acidity) Barolo 2010 in La Morra and Barolo while Monforte, Serralunga d’Alba, Castiglione Falletto present in general less blueberry, raspberry, strawberry taste and they show a really mineral side like a petroleum, wet asphalt and plastic nose sometimes, in combination with a spicy and balsamic taste in the mouth. In general the 2010 is very balanced and present a right complexity in the mouth that could only develop in the future. Fruity, spicy and balsamic elements are all linked together in armony.

Concerning the Barbaresco, is produced entirely from Nebbiolo grapes and presents an intense and brilliant colour ranging from ruby to garnet red. The bouquet is a stimulating combination of fruit including raspberries and redberry jam, geraniums and violets but also green pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, hay wood, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla and aniseed. The 2011 vintage presents good acidity with sometimes stiff tannins. Very rich in the nose with fruit, floral, spicy and balsamic notes are not so strong in the mouth but elegant anyways. ‘Roero’ is a fragrant, elegant and generous wine with an intensely inviting ruby red colour. The flavour is dry, ample, warm and sometimes velvety which, together with its restrained tannins, make it a very popular wine for matching with the tasty dishes of local cuisine. The 2011 is a lucky vintage for the Roero wines, more balanced in the nose (fruity and spicy) than in the past vintages and way more armonic in the mouth with good acidity and less use of wood.


Photo: M. Gjivovich